About Us

What can our Pelion RC Team do for YOU?

Here at Pelion RC Our World Does Revolve Around YOU.

We will be happy do to whatever we can to help you enjoy your RC passion.

If you are thinking about buying an RC and need some help deciding what direction to take, then give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.

If you have a child that wants to get into RC but you don’t know where to start we can help there also.

Want to Learn to Fly – Yes we can help!

Most RC shops are only focused about selling their brand. We try to work with all brands so we can focus on what is important – YOU the Customer.

Sell: Repair: Trade: Consignment: Buy: Modification: Customization

From Airplanes to Helicopters, Monster Trucks to Freaky Fast Cars, Quad Copters to Rock Crawlers and the list goes on. We are happy to help You.

Need some custom work? If you want a bomb bay on your airplane so you can drop Skittles on your neighbor’s cat, we can do that - Not Recommended though Cats don't want to taste the rainbow!

We understand with the busy life we live today that a lot of you just have enough time to enjoy your hobby but not enough to build, repair and tune. We are happy to help there to. From Kits to ARF’s, Ground or Air just let us know what we can do to help.

You can ship items to us for repair if needed, give us a call or email and we will set everything up.

We have repaired engines that were seized and some said would never run again.

We will also sell your stuff for you, even do repairs to it if needed to help it sell. Don't drop it off at a Hobby Shop that will toss it on the floor for everyone to bump, kick and break. Bring it to us and we will put every effort into selling it for you. When possible the repairs can be paid for when sold - can’t always do that but will when we can.

We have an artist to do customized body's, cowls or complete planes. Give her an idea of what you like and she will draft it for you and when done can be airbrushed or applied in the best possible manner.

"DONT TRASH THAT CRASH" is our Moto! No matter how angry you are at gravity or that curb your E-MAXX saw before you did let us salvage the remains if you don't want the plane, car or truck repaired. We may be able to use parts of it to help someone get into the hobby or make a repair that they otherwise could not afford to.

Want to clean out your garage of old R/C Stuff or find some in the attic or the barn then give us a call, we would love to get it.

We love RC! We fly and drive year around, there is nothing better than a nice warm LiPo to keep your hands warm on a nippy winter day!

If we don't know the answer we Will Find the answer!

If you get voicemail please leave a message, we get tons of calls from Telemarketers that have nothing better to do than get numbers off the internet and call. We want our time to go to what is important – YOU not them!